"We're Bringin' Happy Ba-ack!"  ;)  REMEMBER when you said "I'm going to Happy Hour" and everyone knew where you'd be? Happy hour was a place that everybody went after work. That's HARMONY~! We're kickin' it Old School, with FREE MUNCHIES, LIVE MUSIC, $3 Domestic Beers, $5 Sangrias & Vodka Drinks, and Wine Deals too! 

And it ain't just on the weeknights, it's on Saturdays too!  So tell your happy-hour-lovin' friends, and let's make this your "Cheers" bar to relax in!  We'll welcome you and we will remember your name! (at least, we'll do our best! :)  We don't ALWAYS have live music during Happy Hour - but most days, we do! And if not, we're playing good vintage music on the house system.

Acoustic Happy Hour Harmony.jpg